Hard Milling

Hard Milling is becoming an integral technique for mold and die makers looking for increased productivity and efficiency. The hard milling process makes machining hardened metals into die and mold components possible in one procedure, which means cutting down on the need for subsequent finishing and polishing.

Apex’s vendor base produces the tightest tolerance end mills, toolholders, and CAM software to help create the most precise 3D-machined molds and dies with unparalleled surface finishes down to .2 microns (Ra0.2μm).

High Speed Machining is providing shortened machine cycle times, while still providing a finished workpiece quickly and accurately. Apex is providing the leading cutting tool technology to end users allowing them to improve their process, increase tool life, and reduce cycle times.

Apex Machinery Supply, Inc. is committed to providing market leading cutting tools, toolholders, and software to enable truly efficient machining. Visit our Products tab to see our partners.