Cutting Tools

Apex offers a vast selection of high-performance cutting tools to ensure customers can produce the smoothest finishes, hold the tightest tolerances, and cut the hardest materials. Whether you need the rigidity and precision of solid tools or the versatility of indexable tools and inserts, Apex has the premier tools.

Apex proudly partners with Vega Tool to offer Hitachi cutting tools. Hitachi tools are the industry's finest because they join quality materials with cutting-edge engineering to create a range of cutting tools that lead the industry in toughness, hardness, and durability. Our customers have seen an undeniable difference in cycle times, surface finishes, and tool life by switching to Hitachi cutting tools.

Hitachi Indexable Tools (End Mills and Inserts)

Indexable Tool List

Hitachi Solid Carbide Tools (End Mills)

End Mills Tool List