Metal Scoring

EDM Consumables

Cam-Tool Surface Finish


Hard Milling / High Speed Machining

Hardmilling: The process of efficient cutting of hardened tool steel for the use of Die/Mold components and medical components. Apex is leading the way with cutting edge technology to support your company’s direct machining of hardened steel, mold and die components.

High Speed Machining: The process of machining high metal removal rates with fast and light milling passes.

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EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Spark erosion a key technology in the production of complex dies, molds, and machined components. There are three types of EDM: Wire (WEDM), Sinker (SEDM) and EDM Hole Drilling. Apex provides the best EDM Consumable products to support your operation.

These EDM supplies cut overall process time, reduce steps in manufacturing and slash operating costs to meet today’s demanding lead times.

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